Innovation Breakfast: The Business Model Brainstorm Kit

Saturday morning coffee, the perfect time to plan some innovative madness for the weekend. Time to put my new toy into the test: The Business Model Brainstorm Kit, a tool created by the Antwerp young-potentials Philip De Rudder and Nick De Mey as an extension of our all-known Business Model Canvas from Alex Osterwalder. It is a common visual language to model your business and be creative, alone or with your team.

Business Model Brainstorm Kit

Choose your players

Whiteboard cleaned, and it’s go time, the kit consists of a bunch of magnetic tags you can use to identify the actors of your ecosystem, called ‘Players’. Off course our wonderful organization is the centrepiece of the ecosystem, or was it our customer? None the less, you can even add non-profits and government as players in the model, so far a nice start. Already by the different players at hand you start to come loose from the buyer-consumer paradigm, embracing the full value of your ecosystem, innovaters gonna innovate.

Ten things to transfer

And it doesn’t stop there, wait until you see what building blocks are available to transfer… Products and Services you’d say? Why don’t add some ‘Experience’, ‘Reputation’, ‘Attention’, ‘Right’ or even ‘Data’, the kit is ready for next-gen entrepreneurs. Even micro-payments allow the model to take shape.

Wanted: Inspiration

So fat the tool has convinced me to take into account in the ideation phase of my new projects, I’m going to try it out myself today for some secret ideas to take over the world, or even at some customers next week if the first plan happens to fail. But what I like the most about the tool is the blog behind it. The Board Of Innovation has surely helped me to get inspired & excited enough to write this blog by the sh*tload of quality content on their website. You’d have to admit that they have your attention with slideshare titles as “Business Tactics to Steal” and “15 companies you should copy”

So now you know where I’m gonna spend my lazy saturday on! Happy innovating!

Spend the rest of your breakfast readings on, but pay attention, time travels fast on that site.